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Marquee Hire in Ipswich

Marquees are the perfect solution when looking to arrange an event that requires more space than you currently have in your home, or can find in a venue. They are the ideal venue for a wide choice of events including birthday parties, wedding receptions or any other celebrations. Here at Cater Hire Ipswich we offer quality marquee hire in Ipswich for a number of uses, ensuring you have enough space and an ideal premises to host your party. Our marquees are also suitable for larger corporate events where you are planning on making the most out of an outdoor space.

Marquees Rental in Ipswich and Suffolk

Whether you are hosting a small get together or a much larger affair, our marquees are the perfect choice. Available in a number of different sizes, you can’t go wrong! Our convenient location means we are able to offer our services in Ipswich and Suffolk with ease, where we have many clients and an impressive reputation. So if you are looking for quality marque hire, make sure that we here at Cater Hire Ipswich are your first port of call.

Offering Furniture Hire in Suffolk

As well as offering first class marquee hire, we also provide fantastic furniture higher in Suffolk and the surrounding areas. The interior and decoration of your venue is what it makes it stand out above the rest, which is why it is essential that every effort goes into choosing the right furniture and accessories such as seating, tables, linen and much more.

We will work closely with you to create a package tailored to your needs and can also include things such as toilet units, generators, lighting and anything else you may need as part of your furniture hire. Call us today on 01473 462989 for more information on any of our services.

Size Guide

Size in metres (feet)To seat 8 per tableBuffet (seat 10 per table)
6m x 6m (20ft x 20 ft)3240
6m x 9m (20ft x 30ft)4860
6m x 12m (20ft 40ft)6480
6m x 15m (20ft x 50ft)80100
6m x 18m (20ft x 60ft)96120
9m x 9m (30ft x 30ft)7290
9m x 12m (30ft x 40ft)96120
9m x 15m (30ft x 50ft)120150
9m x 18m (30ft x 60ft)144180
9m x 21 (30ft x 70ft)168210
9m x 24m (30ft x 80ft)192240
9m x 27m (30ft x 90ft)216270
9m x 30m (30ft x 100ft)240300
12m 12m (40ft x 40ft)128160
12m x 15m (40ft x 50ft)160200
12m x 18m (40ft x 60ft)192240
12m x 21m (40ft x 70ft)224280
12m x 24m (40ft x 80ft)256320
12m x 27m (40ft x 90ft)288360
12m x 30m (40ft x 100ft)320400

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